Black Zebra is the event management agency aiming to give solutions to complex events with important stories to tell. These are the projects where stakes are high, preparations are extensive and challenging. Due to their complexity, these prestigious events are coordinated with a special action plan, prepared to the extremes in detail and are managed with a pro staff that has gained experience under great pressure. Black Zebra, led by Gergely Papp and his network of partners, helps organizations, companies and individuals who want to take it to the next level.


Complex • High-end • Prestige

Black Zebra offers support in three distinct forms, differing in depth, physical form, duration and level of availability.



Immediate assistance in the form of consultation, focusing on a specific topic. If the project frame itself has already been established, and there is also a team (which often means professional events staff), but there are a few shaky areas where a further professional opinion, a filter or simply a quick support is needed with to-the-point, decisive steps. Consultations are being held at pre-arranged times (in person or online).

  • Stuck in the process: Either in terms of the creative concept, theme or schedule, or any other specific directions (task identification, points of responsibility, venue-finding, space planning, decor, stage design, audio-visual technology, catering service, culinary details, or stage shows) immediate assistance is needed;
  • Partners and contractors: Audio-visual services, venues, catering, decor, equipment, furniture, props, stage productions, communications and IT solutions. In order to reach the most suitable partners for a project, with the most optimal price offers, one might need a sophisticated network of contacts, agile negotiations on the details, streamlined and single-channel administration;
  • Events audit: By examining a running project with an external eye – from a different perspective – Clients receive a concise, to-the-point feedback, an immediately implementable pool of hints & tips about their event;
  • Manpower: During the search for a targeted specialist to a certain position or special task, you need contacts, recommendation, or simply another professional opinion;
  • Sponsorship: When help is needed in the area of ​​event sponsorship and financing, as well as in preparation for a pitch of a project to investors or a decision-making board;
  • Training: Knowledge transfer in the form of individual or groups training/workshop on a general or specific topic related to event management.


Working together with the Client from the beginning of a project, we develop the concept and establish ultimate goals together. We build a project-team, set directions, agree on milestones and follow up on them. We establish points of responsibility and deadlines together. This form of cooperation is a hybrid state of general consulting and project management. This setup works best when the core organizing team already exists for the given project, but it has become necessary to further increase the level of productivity and professionalism;

  • Milestone: An organization wants to come up with something new compared to its previous events, has arrived to a milestone or wants to excel to a higher league and needs external help to successfully level up. When lot of publicity and being in the news matter. When it is time to launch a new product, impress the market and the parent company alike. These are the projects where the lead typically comes from the highest level, and it is often a job involving a committed CEO personally too, with the entire organization in motion;
  • Complexity: New challenges have arised in the life of a multifaceted individual (be it an HR, marketing, sales associate or executive assistant) or an events team and support is needed to identify and solve complex tasks involving great responsibility;
  • Overload: A well-functioning professional team (seniors from a Communications department, or Sales & Marketing team, but also an event management agency) wants to cover the temporarily increased volume in workload, short to medium term;

Project Management

Black Zebra is assigned for the entire event – full scale. This includes planning, on-site coordination, and post-event duties according to the Client’s needs. Black Zebra represents the Client through all initial and subcontractor connections, keeping a close eye on the defined financial and time constraints, as well as the organization’s individual culture and the specific goals to be achieved. Full scale planning, POC, marketing & communications, on-site management and follow-up.

Corporate: International meetings and conferences, large-scale product launches, online events, festive ceremonies;

VIP: Events of particularly important or internationally protected persons, private VIP events;

Festival: Music and cultural festivals, concerts, outdoor mass events;

Sports: Program coordination of professional sports associations, coordination of high-end sports events.

We look at events as a complex communication tool, as an investment (with immediate or long-term return) and also as memorable experience for the masses. The most efficient and cost-effective PR & Marketing tool for an organization if it wants to deliver a message to its target audience: a large in-person event, supplemented with targeted online content spread through the best channels. Black Zebra wants to provide all the help for this.

Gergely Papp has been involved in event management in Hungary and internationally since 2007. Through these years he has played a key-role in the entertainment of thousands, development of organizations, financial growth of companies, and their achievement of newsworthy milestones. During the 2012 Olympics in London, Gergely and his team coordinated the base for President Jacques Rogge and his staff at the IOC headquarters at the Hilton Park Lane conference venue. In 2017 he was responsible for the NATO Transformation Seminar in Budapest with the participation of Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Gergely is also involved in festivals, most recently as the main organizer of the MCC Feszt success story, which is an event with 50,000 visitors annualy. With Black Zebra, he aims to provide professional support primarily in those newsworthy events where the stakes are high, planning & preparations are complex with much adrenalin and excitement.

Just like in interior design, fashion, art, or even in the preparation of a meal, there is a floating effect when every detail comes together quietly and consciously, the picture is 360 degree complete and the result is authentic – it is the same with events. The outcome harmonizes with the moment and the environment, there is no unnecessary and artificial mannersim, on the contrary, there are some edgy and offbeat details which are so quiet and professional that you only realize later that they were there – and were there on purpose. If we have to name what Black Zebra’s mission is, it is to create such moments.

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